About Čuri Muri

Adora, a brand of Čuri Muri


Every kid in Slovenia knows who Čuri Muri is, we know how precious they are and how to take care of them. Čuri Muri is a family owned company, with a long tradition on the market, focusing on wholesale. We give to comunity the joy and happiness that our kids deserve. This supports our mission of taking care of clients in all aspects.

Čuri Muri`s portfolio features a diversity of brands that we offer to slovenian customers at various price points. Due to a great number of brands, the assortment of products that can be found in our offering is almost endless. The big name brands in our assortment are Hape, SES, Schleich, Revell and many more.

ČURI MURI d.o.o.,
Letališka cesta 27
1000 Ljubljana